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Bosu Ball Balance Dome with Pull Ropes

Bosu Ball Balance Dome with Pull Ropes


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An exercise ball with ropes is a product that makes a great addition to any training and it can also be used in self-training.
No doubt, it will appeal to lovers of physical activity. Recommended for professionals as well as people who are just starting their adventure with sport.
The ball is also used for rehabilitation purposes.
You can effectively use it by placing it on the ground on a flat side or on the semi-spherical side.
The set includes 2 ropes, that are fastened on the sides in a very simple way.
Just insert the ropes into the handles and turn them slightly to feel a click.
In addition to undoubtedly improving the appearance and body, training with the ball affects well-being, increases awareness of the physical capabilities
of your body and overall health in the long-term.