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HC PRO Hip resistance band - black

HC PRO Hip resistance band - black


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HC PRO Hip resistance band - black

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Flexible Cotton Fabric Design,Soft & Non Slip.Hip Bands won't pinch, pull, or grab your skin like latex or rubber resistance bands. It is soft to touch, and will not slip up or down during your workouts.

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL - Our abductor resistance band is suitable for both men and women at any fitness level! You can use this hip resistance band for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms and shoulders, allowing you the perfect level of resistance! This will activate and strengthen glutes and hips pre-workout, both during and post workout.

  • DYNAMIC WORKOUT - It Is small and light and fits in a gym bag, backpack or purse.Our Resistance Bands is easy to bring to your pilates class or gym. Designed for warmups and stretching. Our durable design is meant to be brought anywhere you need it to go! Very convenient to bring to work or on vacation.

  • Improved Form: This resistance band will help you keep your knees pushed out over your toes while you perform deadlifts or squats. By placing the circle bands above your knees, it will provide the proper resistance for your muscles groups as you walk forward or backward.

Brand: HC PRO
Circufence: 100cm
Width: 8cm