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Coordination ladder

Coordination ladder


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Perfect for any sports discipline - both for indoor and outdoor exercises.

The agility ladder is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their speed, agility and balance.

The training ladder gives you the opportunity to exercise your coordination and controlling your body.

It’s the perfect accessory both for people who do sports professionally and for amateurs.

The coordination ladder is also great for PE classes and corrective exercises for children of all ages.

The rungs of the agility ladder are fully adjustable, thanks to that you can set them up to fit the abilities of the person using it or to fit the different exercises.

Exercises using the training ladder can be adjusted and modified according to your needs.

On average they are based on the contact between your feet with the ground being as short as possible- this means

that you’re supposed to jump between the rungs as quickly as you can (to the front, sideways, or backwards).

The agility ladders allows you to improve your running, skipping and jumping, you can also use your hands

and other body muscles - it all depends on your imagination and the aim of the exercise.

The training ladder is great at developing your muscles and lets you improve your reaction time,

this means better results during sports competitions. It is also the perfect way to exercise your coordination, precision, balance,and the overall control over your body.

After folding, the exercise ladder doesn’t take up much space, you can keep it in the convenient case (included).

This allows you to store and carry it without much of a problem.


6m long

50cm wide

12 rungs