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Sportkraft deadlift bar - Dead Lifter

Sportkraft deadlift bar - Dead Lifter


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The new deadlift bar Dead Lifter is finally on the market!
This bar is made for the most strongest athletes -  highest quality, top durability without forgetting the cool look.

Sportkraft Deadlifter

This deadlift bar is identical in dimensions and characteristics to the original Texas Deadlift bar.
With this pole, you're taking your skills to new level!
Sportkraft developed the Dead Lifter as product with the best features of the original model, combined with a few innovative solutions.

Improvements in this model includes a special coating. 
Dead lifter is made with manganese phosphate to stack, for resistant to corrosion, but special because of its rough surface, which maximizes grip when the rod is in use. This combined with a very good roughing makes this bar the best possible. The roughening grain is deep and firm, but not too cutting, which breaks the skin.

The steel quality of the bar was also changed to make the bar more durable. Our new steel retains the flexibility of the bar, but it reverts back to straight after use and an be used much heavier  than the original. 

Approved in all professional federations, for example.WPC, GPC, FPO…

Sportkraft Dead Lifter Deadlift bar features 

Weight 20kg
Length 230cm
Diameter 27mm
No middle carping
Manganese sulfate coating
Bronze vaults
Capacity 780kg
185,000 PSI