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Testoboosting set

Testoboosting set


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This kit will perfectly help you build muscle mass, increase your testosterone levels, and improve male capabilities.

It will also improve the quality of your sleep. Just take it all in the right time

OSTROVIT TESTO BOOSTER - 4 capsules daily before meal

OSTROVIT ARGININE - 1 portion, 30 minutes before training

OSTROVIT TRYPTOPHAN - 1 capsule daily before meal

OSTROVIT GABA - 1 portion 30 minutes before bed

OSTROVIT MELATONINE 1MG - this one is not what you need to take daily, when you feel that it will be hard to sleep (happens to everyone), just take one capsule and 

go to the bed, melatonine will help you out.

And remember,the most important thing is to:

1.Eat well and properly

2.Get enough sleep.


These food supplements  will help you, but without the above three check marks, they will not bring much benefit.